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Website Maintenance – What’s that then?

How often have you been searching for information on a local company only to find that, when you view their website, the content is the same as it was when you first saw it 6 months or a year earlier? It happens all too often because many businesses simply don’t understand that fresh, relevant content is not only important to search engines, but even more so to their customers, past, present and future!

Many businesses wrongly believe a website is a fire and forget marketing tool, just a static presence on the world wide web that, once built, can be left forever more. It has their address, phone number and a nice picture of their shop from 1998 after all, so what’s the problem?

As long as all these details are correct then there isn’t really a problem in as much as the content of their website is correct. But as a business doesn’t it make sense to ensure that their customers are seeing the very latest information about their goods or services? We bet those businesses that fail to maintain their website’s aren’t so lax when it comes to keeping their premises or vehicles clean!

Website maintenance is becoming more and more important as search engines are constantly crawling the internet looking for new content that they can show their users. They know that the more accurate their results are, the more likely a user will use their search engine again in the future which in turn leads to increased profits, so it makes sense for them to list fresh websites for their users, that have relevant content, above a website that has remained dormant since the first time they indexed it way back in time.

Website maintenance needn’t be a time-consuming chore. You don’t need to write pages and pages of content to keep customers (and the search engines!) happy. Small changes, even once or twice a month, can have a profoundly positive impact on a website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position. And the more often a website is updated, the more often the search engines will return to index the site’s content, which in turn helps a site improve it’s organic position. The higher a website appears in a search engine the more traffic it’s likely to receive. And the more traffic a website receives the more likely that website will generate a sale, which obviously increases that businesses profits.

So how do you go about maintaining a website? Can a business do it themselves or is it better to employ an outside company like WebsiteaDay to assist? If the business owner is happy to update their website, either via the hard coded HTML page, or by their website’s CMS (Content Management System), then it makes economic sense for them to do it themselves. But sometimes this isn’t practical, especially if a business is busy with customers.

That’s where a company like WebsiteaDay comes in. Our website maintenance service provides a cost-effective way of keeping a website fresh, up to date and relevant for it’s users. All that’s needed is for the website owner to email us the content they want editing and we’ll take care of the changes for them. That means they can carry on running their business while we run their website.

If a business wants to really improve it’s position in search engines then our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services will help get their website ranked on the first pages of all the major search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

So, if you’re surfing the world wide web and come across a website that you think would benefit from our website maintenance services, then tell them about and we’ll be happy to discuss ways in which we can help them, help you. is based just outside Norwich in Norfolk and we can be contacted on 01362 687659 or by filling in our short contact form.

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