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Web Page Maintenance

Web Page Maintenance is a service that we provide when you are too busy or unsure of how to update your web page.

Simply email us the changes you need to be made and we’ll edit your web page within a few hours!

Updating your website regularly is beneficial on two fronts:

Firstly, your visitors will be provided with up to date information which should encourage repeat visits from them in the future and secondly because search engines love freshly updated content as they can be sure that the results they’re serving to their users is relevant and current.

So why use WebsiteaDay to carry out your web page maintenance instead of doing it yourself?

The majority of our clients that use our web page maintenance services find it much easier to email us their new content, saving them the time and hassle of logging into their FTP service or admin area. A lot of them have limited technical knowledge when it comes to html or uploading files via FTP. By paying us a fixed monthly fee they have the peace of mind that their website maintenance will be carried out professionally and cost effectively whenever they need to update their website.

A website isn’t a fire and forget tool. It requires constant care and attention if it’s to perform well in search engines and be an asset to a business. Regular web page maintenance is an essential element in helping your website achieve better rankings than your competitors and can make a big difference to a site’s visibility both short term and long term.

Our web page maintenance services can be tailored to your individual requirements and cost less than you might think!

For more details on our web page maintenace services call us on 0843 289 6972 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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