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Choosing a web design company can be a daunting process. Where do you start? There are thousands of web designers all offering web design services and all competing for your buisness so choosing the right one can be a minefield! Allow us to help! The first, and perhaps most important step, is to make sure the web designers you choose have a proven track record in delivering the required results on time and, more importantly, on budget. Cheap Web Design Services


Our website design services start from an unbelievable £99 +VAT for a simple one page HTML website including a free .co.uk domain name and 12 months hosting. If you need a more functional site we can help…

We have the experience and enthusiasm to deliver your ideas. But don’t just take our word for it. We actively encourage potential clients to speak to our past clients for an independent appraisal of our web design services! Take a look at some of the comments we’ve received from clients we’ve worked for in the past.

From your very first contact with WebsiteaDay you’ll find we’re different. We’ll listen to your ideas before asking some questions to make sure we fully understand what it is you want to achieve. Once we’ve spoken with you we’ll send you a comprehensive website design proposal detailing and confirming our conversation. Once you’ve recieved your proposal you’re free to make any changes and, once you’re 100% happy, we’ll start working on your new website.

We’ll then provide you with a link so you can see how your website is progressing and will ask for your feedback as we’re working on it for you. We like to take things one step at a time so we can be sure we’re delivering you with the website you require.

The most important part of web design is planning. Once we know what it is you want from your website we set about planning how the site will function. Once we’ve passed the planning stages we’ll move on to the layout of your new home page. Your home page needs to encourage visitors to delve deeper into your website so we make sure it’s visually appealing, clean and easy to navigate. When we’re happy with it we’ll ask for your feedback on it and make any changes needed if requested. MobileFoneExperts.com

We’ll then move onto your internal pages and ensure the content you provide is presented in a logical and appealing manner. At the same time we’ll also be verifying the HTML code is being written correctly.

Once all your pages are complete we’ll put your site through our quality assurance and will check for broken links, missing images and make sure your meta tags are present and correct to aid in any future SEO. Finally we’ll validate the HTML code and only when it passes all our tests will we be happy to let your website ‘go live’.

What happens next?

Many companies think that a website is a ‘fire and forget’ marketing tool. This simply isn’t true and your website will need constant attention if it’s to rank well in the search engines. We’ll initially submit your shiny new website to all the major search engines and can also maintain your website once it’s live to ensure the content remains fresh and up to date. You can read more about our Website Maintenance Services here. If you’re serious about getting to the top of the search engines then take a look at our comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation services. SEO is an important factor in getting your website noticed on search engines and, if done properly, will make a big difference to your website’s visitors thereby maximising it’s potential and your profits.

Ongoing support

We don’t just design website’s and walk away. One of the things our clients love about WebsiteaDay is the fact that we’re always here to offer a helping hand once a website has been completed. We can be contacted 7 days a week and always reply to emails within 24hrs. Our services are professional and our prices cheap in comparison to many other web design companies as our overheads are low so we pass these savings onto our clients. Cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. Just ask our past clients.

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