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SEO Services from Norfolk in the UK

Professional SEO Services from Norfolk in the UK

SEO can make a big difference to your website traffic which in turn can help increase your profits.

So what exactly is SEO and does it really work?

Here’s a screenshot from Google showing WebsiteaDay in 7th place out of over 4,500,000 results for the key phrase ‘cheap web design norfolk‘ taken on 11th March 2011:

SEO Services Norfolk

We achieved this by targetting our key phrase (in this case ‘cheap web design norfolk‘) and optimising a page on our website to help Google decide that the content was relevant to that particular key search term. Please note, this is a screen shot from 11th March 2011 and our ranking may have moved up or down during this time! For example, a search on Google for ‘seo services norfolk’ shows WebsiteaDay in 7th place on page one and 1st place on Yahoo and Bing. However these positions can, and probably will, change over time.

Here are 3 more screenshots from Google, Bing and Yahoo which shows WebsiteaDay in 7th place on page one of Google and 1st place on both Yahoo and Bing for the search term ‘SEO Services Norfolk’:

WebsiteaDay - 7th on Google

WebsiteaDay - 1st on Bing

WebsiteaDay - 1st on Yahoo - SEO Services Norfolk

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a process where a website is optimised for search engines to help it’s visibility in organic search results by analysing meta data, keywords, content and links. By understanding what it is the search engines look for when deciding where to place a website in it’s organic search results for given search terms, it is possible to increase a website’s position in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page’s) by targetting certain keywords and phrases.

However, there are circumstances when a search engine can actually penalise a website if it thinks that site is trying to manipulate it’s rankings, either by buying links or using other ‘black hat’ seo techniques.

So how do you increase your website’s position in SERP’s legally and without risking your website being blacklisted in these results for an important keyword or phrase that relates to your business?

You can attempt to do this yourself by learning the basics of SEO and implementing the freely available advice on the internet. However, as a business this will be time consuming and will require discipline and effort if it’s to make any difference in the short to middle term. Get it wrong though and you run the risk of getting your website penalised or even banned by the search engines. That’s why more and more businesses are now turning to professional companies like us at WebsiteaDay from Dereham in Norfolk, to help them optimise and maintain their websites.

We use ‘white hat’ SEO techniques which means we don’t try to trick a search engine into displaying a website ahead of a competitor by using underhand tactics. We take time to analyse and understand what your website is about and then set about improving elements of your website in a professional manner that won’t cause problems long term. If carried out correctly even small changes can make a huge difference to a website!

We are located just outside Norwich in Norfolk and we offer a range of Professional Search Engine Optimisation services suitable for any size of business, that also include website maintenance to help keep a website’s content fresh and relevant. These are key factors in SEO and are important to search engines who are looking for up to date and relevant content for their users.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation chat and let us help increase your website’s visiblity traffic and ultimately, profit!

WebsiteaDay – SEO Services Dereham, Norfolk, UK. Tel 01362 687659

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