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Professional SEO Services will increase web traffic and profits

There’s not much point in having a great website with great content if people can’t find it. But how do you get your website found amongst the thousands or millions of other websites that offer the same or similar services to you?

You could spend a small fortune on advertising both online and offline which will more than likely help. You could try optimising your website yourself but you have to be careful not to use techniques that could cause your website to be penalised by the search engines for falling fowl of their conditions.

Or you could hire a professional SEO company that specialises in optimising websites the correct way. By analysing your website they’ll soon identify key areas that can be improved and will offer advice to help increase your websites rankings in the search engines results pages (SERPs). Once your website’s position has been improved they’ll then help to maintain it’s position for your chosen keywords and phrases which will then help attract visits from customers who are actively searching for your goods or services.

Professional SEO services can appear very expensive at first. Let’s say your website isn’t appearing in the first 5 pages of Google. Sales are low but respectable, with average sales per customer being around £75 and average profit per customer of £30. Your website is turning over 5 sales per week at present and you want to increase this by 100% but you’re struggling because your website isn’t being found by customers searching for your products online.

You approach a professional SEO company and ask them to help get your website on page one for your chosen keywords. You’ve gone for 5 of the most popular search terms you can think of for your industry and get a quote back from your SEO experts for £500 per month. Sounds a lot doesn’t it?

But just think for a minute. The only way you’re going to increase sales through your website is to get found on page one of the search engines. If you can get there you’re more than likely going to double your sales from £375 per week at a profit of £150, to £750 per week with a profit of £300 per week. Your profits have now increased from £650 per month to £1300 per month. That £500 a month isn’t looking such a bad investment now is it?

WebsiteaDay offers a professional SEO service that guarantees a first place position on Google, Yahoo and Bing within 6 months or we’ll carry on your SEO for free until your website appears on page one for your chosen keywords. So if after 6 months your website still isn’t appearing on page one you’ll pay nothing more until it is!

We’ll work closely with you to help develop your website and increase it’s traffic and sales on a monthly basis. Our admin area will give you access to all kinds of stats to help you see how your website is improving and we’ll email you reports every week detailing your website’s position in Google, Yahoo and Bing, how many search engine referrals you’ve had and how many new backlinks have been added to help increase your website’s page rank and popularity.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process and any results will be lost if stopped at anytime in the future. If carried out correctly and regularly, your website will benefit from increase awareness and traffic which equals more sales and more profits.

Take a look at our SEO page and see which package is suitable for you then call us for a free, no obligation chat on 0843 289 6972.

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