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Thinking about building your own website using an online website building tool?

There are loads of online that tools allow you to quickly build a website using thousands of pre-coded website templates. All at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional to do it all for you. You’ve probably seen the TV ads.

Sounds great! You save time and money and end up with a professional looking website that will do the job you want; Provide your company with an online presence so you can tell new and existing customers about your products and services.

But are these online builders really as good as they appear?

As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for and websites are no exception. A quick scan of the terms and conditions of the more popular online web builders reveals a major issue should you ever decide you’d like to terminate your hosting with the company you’ve used to build and host your new website. Terminate your account and you’ll more than likely lose your website as these companies retain copyright, and therefore ownership, of the website template.

This can cause major headaches for a business because if they keep everything in house they could find they lose not only their website, but also their domain name and they could find it very difficult to prise it away from their all-in-one web company.

Other problems can arise when you start thinking about SEO and other online marketing. Is the code easy to access? Will you be able to make regular updates quickly and easily? And what about adding scripts such as polls or contact forms? All these factors and much more, need to be considered when looking at getting your website online.

At WebsiteaDay we advise all our clients to register their domain names through a 3rd party, such as This means they have the freedom to change the nameservers on their domain whenever they choose, making transferring their website to a different hosting company much easier.

We also assign ownership and copyright of the completed website to our clients once final payment is received and we never attempt to retain any ownership or copyright of any website we build.

So, if you’re tempted by the ads for building your own website, make sure you read the small print… It could cost your business a lot more than you initially think.

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