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Google, your website and caffeine

If you have a website and you’ve not updated it in a while you could find that your rankings on Google have taken a dip recently.

This is because Google have been very busy working on some new updates to the way they return results for searches, including updating their algorithm based on their Caffeine architecture, introduced over a year ago.

So, what does all this mean to you, the website owner?

Well, Google are prioritising website’s with fresh content over website’s that aren’t quite so fresh. This means that website owners who regularly update their website content will achieve a higher placement in Googles search results than those that don’t which could affect the amount of traffic your website receives from organic searches on Google.

But how often should you update your content? Bi-annually, monthly, weekly or even daily?

We advise our clients to update their website’s at least once a month to ensure the content on it remains fresh and relevant. This will encourage users to come back regularly to see what’s new and also encourage Google’s bots to return on a regular basis to ensure that the pages they’ve indexed are up to date. If you’re unsure of what to add each month then why not think about adding a latest news page or maybe a blog? Each time a page is saved it’s time stamped thus giving Google and other search engines an indication of when the website was last updated.

Website Maintenance and SEO works!

At WebsiteaDay we underdstand that updating a website can often be a time consuming and laborious task which many sme’s simply don’t have time to do regularly. Many business owners still see their website as a fire and forget tool, wrongly believing that just by having an online prescence is enough to keep their customers, and the search engines, happy. Our website maintenance and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services take away the hassle from business owners and help maintain a website’s online visibility thus increasing traffic and ultimately, business as a direct result. Running a website involves constant work and attention if it’s to achieve it’s goals and ambitions and many business owners have begun to realise that investing in their website instead of the more traditional forms of media, is more cost effective than it’s ever been, thanks to it’s reach and the ability to react swiftly to changeable market conditions. Got a special offer you want to shout about? Announce it on your website immediately without having to wait for a local paper to go to print!

Get in touch with us and see how we can help your website achive it’s full potential.

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