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Define cheap web design…

What exactly is cheap web design? Is it cost-effective or, like most things viewed as cheap, is it worth avoiding?

We think it depends on the way you define the word cheap which the dictionary defines as follows: “Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive & Of poor quality; inferior” “Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive & Of poor quality; inferior” At WebsiteaDay we prefer the term ‘affordable’ as, although we can be viewed as inexpensive, we definitely don’t want to be seen as offering a poor quality service which is also inferior. Affordable is defined as: “Inexpensive or reasonably priced” “Inexpensive or reasonably priced” So the word affordable is a much more accurate word to describe the services that WebsiteaDay provides to our clients which is why we use it fairly regularly across our website. A quick read of our testimonials will verify that our clients love our approach to service and pricing.

Our pricing models can be classed as both cheap and affordable but we choose to use the word affordable as the quality of our work is neither poor nor inferior!

The problem with using the word affordable however is many more searches are carried out for ‘Cheap Web Design’ than ‘Affordable Web Design’ on Google which got us thinking…

Should we include the word ‘cheap’ in our SEO to help us rank higher in the search engines, at the risk of people viewing our services as cheap and inferior? Or do we stand by our statement that our services are far from cheap but more affordable to everyone?

We decided against lowering our standards as we’re proud of the affordable web services we provide and don’t want our clients to view us as a cheap web design company from Norfolk because one thing we’re most certainly not is cheap!

Our prices reflect the quality of our work without pricing new businesses out of reach. Our overheads are low so we pass these savings on to our clients. We’re proud of our reputation for providing a high quality web design, maintenance and SEO services which, whilst cheap, are anything but inferior!

Based just outside Norwich in Norfolk we can build your website wherever you’re based. Call us to discuss your requirements today 01362 687659

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